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Laura Diez & Diego Cornella Jaimez


1 Giros caminados en vals (19.01.18 - 7pm) sala roja - tango chocolate

2 Tango abrazo contratiempo y dirección (20.01.18 - 1:45 pm / 3:00) (sal 1)

3 Tiempo de vals caminata (20.01.18 - 3:15 pm/ 4:30 pm) (sal 1)

4 Cambios de dinámicas en la pista (20.01.18 - 4:45 pm/ 6:00 pm) (sal 1)

 5 Milonga lisa y traspié (20.01.18 - 6:15 pm/ 7:30 pm) (sal 1)


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 Gathered in Galicia in 2015, dancers and teachers of Argentinian tango and other dances bring together all their previous individual experiences and make from the improvisation their art.
A mature and well-established couple is quickly consolidated. They begin their presentations in Portugal and throughout Galicia, gaining the  attention of teachers and organizers of the region to give retraining courses in Castilla, Asturias, etc. They were favoured by musicians in the area for their ability to improvise "whatever arises", allowing the orchestras to play without ties.
Due to their artistic and pedagogical skills as well as their naturalness when dancing and with a method of teaching enjoyable for its simplicity,  naturalness and elegance and fully dedicated to the enjoyment of social tango, they are recognized as one of the most complete and close couples of the tango environment.
Convinced of the idea that one has to have memory and remember our beginnigs, they preach by example being one of the few teachers who dance tirelessly and with real pleasure with anyone regardless of their dance level, understanding that dancing with them just like they in their day rises the quality of the dance quickly and above all, it generates the integration and the good atmosphere that the people who approach this activity are looking for.

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